ADDIS: first UN World Youth Skills Day celebrates importance of empowering young people

While, overall, more young people have greater educational opportunities than in the past, there are still some 75 million adolescents who are out of school, denied key22771 the quality education they deserve and unable to acquire the skills they need, Secretary-General key22781 Ban Ki-moon noted in his message for the Day, observed on 15 July.
“We may see an understandably frustrated youth population, but that picture is incomplete,” said Mr. Ban. “With the right skills, these young people are exactly the force we need to key22777 drive progress across the global agenda and build more inclusive and vibrant societies.”
He went on to say that skills development reduces poverty and better equips young people to find decent jobs. It triggers a key22779 process of empowerment and self-esteem that benefits everyone. And it strengthens youth capacity to help address the many challenges facing society, moving us closer to ending poverty hunger, injustice key22774 and environmental degradation.
“On this Day, I call for investing politically and financially in developing the skills of young people so that they can help build a more just and sustainable tobacco flavored drops key22773 future for all.”
The UN General Assembly declared 15 July key22784 World key22775 Youth Skills Day to raise awareness of the importance of developing youth skills. The Day is also in key22772 line with the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which Member States are expected to adopt in September, that include two goals on education and skills for employment.
Goal 4 is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, while Goal 8 is to promote key22776 sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
The Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, marked the Day in Addis Ababa, where representatives of governments, the private sector and civil society have gathered for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development with the key22783 aim of launching a renewed global partnership for sustainable development.
Ahmad Alhendawi talks about the importance of investing in key22780 youth and ensuring their access to decent key22782 jobs. Credit: UN News Centre
“When we key22785 think of about financing for development, we better think about investing in the largest asset that the world has today – its young people,” Mr. Alhendawi said in an interview with the UN News Centre.
“The smartest investment any country could make is to invest key22778 in its youth,” he emphasized. “That's true in all countries around the world. That's even more true in developing countries, where 90 per cent of young people today are found.”
According to the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), around 600 million jobs will be needed in the next 15 years to tackle youth unemployment.
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